Expedition Packing List

Packing List (Click the appropriate link below to download)

Label, label, label! Would you bring your luggage to an airport counter without a luggage tag? Of course not! Similarly, you would be amazed at how similar 100 sleeping bags and backpacks can look.

PLEASE bust out your labeler, luggage tags, and/or masking tape with Sharpie and put labels on:

  1. 100% of your child’s items
  2. The outside of their backpacks, duffel bags, sleeping bags, AND pillows

PLEASE label with your camper’s LAST NAME and FIRST NAME.

Also, kindly leave junk food, candy, and other food items at home. Why? Well, for one…there is a lot of wildlife at camp, and we want to appreciate them from a distance as opposed to in our tents or campgrounds.

Expedition Backpacking

Expedition Mountain Biking

Expedition Multi-Sport

Expedition Paddling

Expedition Rock Climbing

Expedition Staff-In-Training