Why do you have two resident camp locations?

As Resident Camp continues to grow each year, we are very aware of the importance of maintaining a small family feel and providing personal attention to each camper. Having two Resident Camp locations allows us to reduce the number of campers at each location and continue to keep the camper experience at the center of everything we do.

A few of our goals:

  • We want staff to know campers on a personal level and provide each camper with an individualized experience based on their ability level.
  • We want campers to have easy access to all activities. Campers should not feel overwhelmed by crowds or wait in lines for an opportunity to climb or participate in a game, etc.
  • We want to provide excellent supervision at all times and at all levels: this provides a higher level of safety, helps campers to quickly develop great camp friendships, and helps campers feel comfortable away from home.