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Social Services/State/Federal Assistance Resources

Most of us have been affected in some way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have compiled this list of resources that are available to help those who are in need of financial or social support. Please feel free to share!

(last updated 5/7/2020)

Avid4 Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

  • We have established an employee assistance fund to help our 2020 staff that are in need of immediate shelter, food or medical treatment. Find out more and apply here

Helpful websites and publications!

  • IRS.gov - find information on if you are eligible and when you can expect your federal stimulus check.
  • Benefits.gov - This is a great site that helps you understand what govt assistance you are eligible for based on your individual situation. 
  • COVID-19 Federal stimulus package FAQs: The NY Times published a great article on 3/31 that simplifies the stimulus package details. Find information here about stimulus check eligibility, unemployment, rent payment assistance, student loan payment timelines, etc. 
  • Find Help with Aunt Bertha - This website compiles thousands of social services programs into one place. Search for available assistance by your zip code!
Unemployment Insurance
  • If you are currently out of work or furloughed as a W-2 employee, gig worker or independent contractor, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Check out our resource guide with FAQs and links to state sites here.
  • HOW TO APPLY: Please visit your state's unemployment department site for more information and to complete the application. The standard processing time is 2-6 weeks but you will be paid any back funds owed due to any processing delays. Be sure to have your tax returns and/or wage information and employer contact details for 2018 & 2019 to reference while completing your application. 
  • ADDITIONAL FEDERAL BENEFITS: The federal government is currently supplementing state unemployment benefits by $600/week through 7/25/2020. Once you apply and are approved for your state benefits, the federal money will be added to your payment each week you receive state benefits. 
  • Colorado-specific unemployment: The Daily Camera published an article on 4/17 that has good information about expanded unemployment benefits for those in Colorado. 
COVID-19 Health Screenings
  • For those living in the Front Range of Colorado, https://clinicacolorado.org is offering free COVID-19 symptom screening, phone-based appointments with volunteer doctors, and routing and recommendations for leveraging local resources to Colorado residents that do not have health insurance. 
Mental Health
  • We know that this is an unprecedented time of uncertainty.  We also know that uncertainty is one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety.  Regardless of whether COVID-19 is making you feel stressed in a big way or a little way, this link has a handful of great resources for you, including articles, a podcast, a colorful chart, and a video from Laura McGladery, our Psych Nurse Advisor.
  • Whole Connection Therapy - Free Weekly Community Group: Living through the age of COVID 19
  • Sondermind: Free help finding a therapist who fits your needs, accepts your insurance, and is available to see you in person or via video sessions
  • We’ve compiled a list of mental health professionals and practices in Colorado, so you can view available resources near you.
  • Talkspace: Therapy via messaging
Student Loan Information
  • Under the new stimulus bill, federally-backed loan companies are suspending automatic payments until Sept. 30. 90% of student loans are federally-backed. Please contact your student loan lender for more information.

Rent/Mortgage Assistance

  • Several municipalities/states have developed legislation to assist renters that are unable to pay their rent as an effect of COVID-19. Due to the individual nature of each legislation, we recommend you research this on your own. A good place to start will be to search for housing resources on your city/county government website.
  • Part of the federal stimulus bill set money aside to assist with mortgage payments. We recommend that you reach out to your landlord/mortgage lender and ask if you can have an extension and/or reduction in your monthly payment if you are unemployed.