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COVID-19 Staff FAQs

Our staff community has had some great questions around COVID-19. Please see a list of Q&A here. If you have a question that isn't on the list, please email Mindy@avid4.com

  • When will a decision be made about camp running this summer?
    • We are going to be making decisions regarding camp on April 15th. The HQ team is hard at work figuring out how to make camp as we know it run this summer & is also working on alternative programming options. 
  • I am coming in from out of state/country and need to book travel. Should I wait to book travel? 
    • As you know, travel restrictions are changing daily. We cannot control airline cancellations or federal travel bans. The only thing we can control is when we anticipate camp will start. We recommend that you wait to book any travel until at least April 15th when we have a better understanding of what our summer will look like. 
  • I am an International Staff. Should I expect to not be able to come to the US for work this summer?
    • The great news is that the J-1 visa program has not been canceled! International participants will be allowed to enter the US starting on May 12th. 
    • Read information from the American Camp Association here
    • If your embassy appointment has been canceled due to the closing of the offices, we encourage you to continue to check their office by phone or website as appointments should be opening up soon for April/May. Please continue to check in with your sponsor representative at IENA or Camp Leaders for more instructions. 
    • If you have any outstanding documents needed by your visa sponsor to process your DS-2019, you can still submit it. They are processing paperwork in preparation of embassies opening back up soon.
  • What do I do if my in-person First Aid and/or CPR course has been canceled?
    • For Summer 2020 only, we will be accepting 100% online first aid & CPR certifications. Please visit the COVID-19 First Aid & CPR updates page on this site for a list of providers. 
  • What will happen if a staff member does get infected with COVID-19 while working at camp this summer?
    • Most simply, we would follow the guidelines of the CDC and the local health dept.  For example, here are the CDC's current guidelines for schools.  What
    • Currently, the CDC is recommending that a school close for 2-5 days if they have a known case of COVID-19.  During that time, we would communicate often with parents and staff regarding our actions to clean and enhance health screenings of campers and staff.
    • We are prepared to proactively do stringent health checks on all staff and kids prior to any camp session.  We also have procedures to try to be as safe as possible during the camp day (hygiene, etc.). 
    • For staff who have medical expenses from COVID-19 but can not pay for them, YES - Avid would support that staff with through our COVID paid sick leave policy for all staff.