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COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Staff

We are working closely with health departments in the areas where we run programs in the summer. Check here for updates!

All states have opened up vaccine access for all adults! It should be easier than ever to get a vaccine appointment. 

Vaccines.gov- A one stop shop where you can search vaccine availability by zip code and type of vaccine!  

We're encouraging staff to seek out the Johnson & Johnson vaccine since camp is around the corner. It will offer you protection weeks sooner than other vaccines.  Click here for more info on the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine.

**All unvaccinated staff are required to submit negative Covid-19 tests weekly during the summer. Please click here to read about the surveillance testing plan.**

State-specific information: 

  • California - Many counties that we operate in are currently vaccinating child care providers. 
    • Use the CA My Turn website to find open appointments in your county.  
    • You also may need to work with you insurance or search local pharmacies availability (CVS, etc.). 
  • Colorado

    Do you currently live outside of our program areas? Follow these steps to get informed:

    1. Visit your county health department COVID-19 webpage for information pertaining to childcare workers.  
    2. If you need employment verification from Avid, please email staffquestions@avid4.com and let us know exactly what you need. We will support you in any way that we can!

    Need more information? Check how and when you can get vaccinated by each US state on the CDC COVID-19 vaccination site.


    Is Avid4 requiring staff to be vaccinated? 

    We are strongly encouraging all staff to obtain the Covid-19 vaccine prior to staff training. The CDC has recognized child care workers and camp professionals as essential- because keeping child care programs open is critical for our country. Receiving your vaccine prior to staff training gives you an added layer of protection against Covid-19 and could also protect your coworkers and family. You can help bring an end to the pandemic by receiving your vaccine. Avid4 is also paying staff 1 hour of time for receiving the vaccine (both doses).

    What if I don't want to receive the vaccine?

    We understand that not everyone is comfortable or able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. However, for the safety of our staff and campers, unvaccinated staff will be required to submit a negative Covid-19 test 1-5 days prior to Staff Training and weekly during the summer. We are working on at home test solutions for our non-vaccinated staff. Click here to learn more about the surveillance testing plan.

    Will I be charged for receiving the vaccine?

    No, the vaccine is free. However, if you incur a cost associated with an appointment to receive the vaccine, Avid4 Adventure will reimburse the cost of that appointment. Email receipts to staffquestions@avid4.com. 

    Does Avid4 need verification of my vaccine?

    Yes! You will be prompted to upload a photo of your completed vaccination card on Workbright.