Friend Requests: How to request, and how they work

The rules of friend requests, how we accommodate them, and what to do if you've already registered.

How to make Friend Requests

During the registration process you will see a question, "Does your camper have friends to be grouped with?" Click Yes, and simply add in the names of up to 3 friends! We ask that all friend requests are mutual so we can ensure that your kiddo and their friends will be placed together.

We also ask that the campers are within two years of age of one another when requesting to be in the same group and are enrolled in the same program.

If you have already registered for camp and need to add a friend request, you can send us an email at or give us a call at (720) 249-2412.

Our side of Friend Requests

While we try our best to accommodate as many friend requests as possible, it is likely that only two to three will be grouped together. Our goal is to make sure that all campers feel welcome at camp. If several of the campers in a group have known one another prior to the start of camp, it can be a challenging dynamic for the others to feel welcome.

Campers often attend our programs without knowing anyone which provides a valuable experience for everyone and an excellent opportunity to make new friends!