Expeditions Food

We take pride in our healthy meals for campers with all appetites and dietary restrictions.  While of course, we are not able to set up a full dining hall in the backcountry, we know the importance of quality and kid-friendly food for a child’s energy levels.  Therefore, we maintain a variety of food options, fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible, and a lot of snacks (dehydrated and other) to keep the kids feeling sustained and nourished.  If you have any concerns around food or special dietary restrictions, please contact us to discuss ahead of your departure so we can ensure that the menu for the week aligns with your child’s needs.

Sample Menu

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We do our best to accommodate food allergies, vegetarian diets, and gluten-free needs. Make sure to have your doctor fill out the medical forms found in your registration confirmation email if your camper has special allergies we need to accommodate.  If your child has a life-threatening food allergy, it is essential to call us to discuss first to ensure we can meet their needs in the backcountry setting of Expedition programs.

What will my camper eat if they are registered for the Expedition Backpacking trip?

Menus for off-site adventures and overnight expeditions vary, as campers need to carry their food with them from location to location. Many times campers will have the opportunity to provide input into their meals and help plan the menu. They’ll also get to try their hands at “backcountry cooking,” making meals using their camp stoves.  Although the food on these types of trips can feel limited because we are carrying all of the food on our backs, we strive to maintain an excellent assortment of nourishing foods and snacks; campers may not be able to go back for 3rd, 4th, and 5ths (like they can at Resident Camp), but of course, all kids will get plenty of yummy food.

If you want to chat with our Expeditions team about your camper's specific dietary needs, medical issues, and/or anything else what would help us ensure the health and happiness of your child on an Avid4 overnight expedition, please don't hesitate to send us an email at info@avid4.com and we'll get you in touch with the director in your area.