Expeditions Health and Wellness


Avid4 Adventure has a Physician Advisor and RN Advisor on staff to assist with all medical needs.  On Expeditions, the field instructors are trained and certified regarding Wilderness First Aid and Medication Administration, and they will also work directly with the RN consultant on campers with special medical needs.  Further, Parents will be notified if their child feels ill for longer than a 24-hour period. Should a condition arise of a serious nature, the Camp Director will contact the parents or guardians, or your personal physician if necessary, by telephone.


If your child takes medication while at camp, please do not pack your child’s medication in their luggage. Instead, present it to the healthcare staff at the check-in table upon arrival to camp.

All medications must be in their original container (not in a pillbox, ziplock bag, or other containers) and must have supporting documentation from a prescriptive authority for administration.

Any medications without appropriate documentation WILL NOT be administered to your child.

If you have not already signed our Over the Counter Medications waiver giving us permission to administer our clinic’s medications, we will provide you a copy at check-in.

Our clinic provides the medications listed below for all campers. If you did not receive a doctor's signature to administer an OTC medication that you brought with you, no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Activated Charcoal- If directed by Poison Control
Aloe Gel- Sunburn
Anbesol- Mouth sores
Antacid/Pepto- Upset stomach
Antifungal Cream- Foot infections
Auralgan Otic Solution – Ear wash
Benadryl- Allergic reactions
Betadine- Topical wound cleaning
Calamine Lotion – poison ivy/poison oak exposure
Carmex- Lip burns/dryness
Chloraseptic- Sore Throat
Chlor-Trimeton– Non-drowsy allergy relief
Double Antibiotic Ointment- Topical treatment for minor cuts or burns
Hydrocortisone cream – itchy skin
Ibuprofen- Cramps, sore throat, aches, pains
Imodium- Diarrhea
Lice Treatment (RID Complete Kit or comparable)
Milk Of Magnesia- Constipation
Pepcid- Allergic reactions/upset stomach
Robitussin DM- Cough
Saline Solution- Eye wash
Throat Drops- Sore Throat
Tylenol- Pain or fever
Zyrtec and/or Claritin- Allergic reactions
&/or other OTC's recommended by our Physician Advisor.


Under the guidance of the Healthcare Team, each camper will receive an initial health screening within 24 hours of arrival. The screening will look at overall observable health, lice check, throat and mouth check, and skin check.  Since certain illnesses (like lice) are extremely challenging to treat in a field-based Expedition setting, if your child is found to have lice or a similar non-field treatable illness, then they would have to return home and return at a later day in the course or transfer into a session with open enrollment later in the summer.

Lice Treatment Plan

Lice is a part of life for those involved in schools, community settings, sports teams, and summer camps. The American Camp Association has excellent information on lice for you to read if interested. Additionally, the CDC has an excellent website with plenty of information.

Lice Policy and Screening Process:

On the first day at Expedition before the campers depart, we will conduct a lice screening for each camper to determine if lice, nits, or eggs are present.

Prevention Before Camp

We encourage you to have your campers checked for head lice at least two weeks prior to the first day of camp. If your camper had head lice or was exposed to it (family member, friend, etc) within four weeks of their arrival to camp, please notify us. We are committed to doing all we can to keep lice out of our community.

Additionally, you can put all of your camper’s clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, etc. in a high-heat dryer for 30 minutes prior to packing them up for camp. As long as these items don’t come into contact with anyone or anything else between the dryer and duffle bag/backpack, this may kill lice or nits that might be on their belongings that you aren’t aware of.

Thank you for your understanding and support in helping us have a lice-free summer on Expeditions.

If you want to chat with our Expeditions team about your camper's specific dietary needs, medical issues, and/or anything else what would help us ensure the health and happiness of your child on an Avid4 overnight expedition, please don't hesitate to send us an email at info@avid4.com and we'll connect you with the appropriate area director.