How structured is the camp schedule?

We provide more structure for our younger campers and allow more freedom for our older campers.

We find the structure to the day at camp is great to provide a diverse experience for everyone.  That being said, having the freedom to play as you please is essential as well.  At Resident Camp, we find a great blend of this, with plenty of structure to expose campers to a variety of experiences and fun while also opening up time (both formally and informally) for campers to have the space to explore how they would like (with parameters).

For younger campers, we intentionally limit choices so they can experience the wide range of activities we have available. As kids grow older, we allow for more choices to be made in terms of what activities they want to focus on, providing enough staff and structure to keep them comfortable and enough freedom to allow for self-direction and discovery.  

We also provide our staff the pivot elements of the schedule to create special moments for campers, from meals as a group in the meadow to special activities and more.  We coach our staff to think of how to specialize the experience for each camper in their group, to propose ideas, and to listen to their campers on what would excite them on their experience.