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Does Avid offer any opportunities to work in the off-season?

We try to help our seasonal staff find work in our off-season (August - May) in a couple of ways.

  1. Avid temporary help - We occasionally need extra help for temporary projects and tasks in the Winter and Spring months. We will communicate those needs to current and former staff through our staff Facebook groups and email so make sure you have Avid in your email contacts list. Any openings will also be listed on our jobs page
  2. Off-Season work with other organizations - Being a seasonal employer, we often connect with other seasonal organizations to share work opportunities with our team. You can visit the Off-season opportunities google sheet to see job listings for companies that have reached out to us to recruit Avid staff. Additionally, this document is open for you to edit, as well. Do you know an organization looking for staff from August - May? Please add it to the sheet!