What can I expect with the Avid4 interview process?

We want you to enter our application process with an understanding of how we operate.We’re sure you have questions - head over to our JOBS page on our website! So much info!

All of our communication to you occurs via email. Make sure your internet is strong, you have a working camera, and are keeping an eye on your inbox.  If you would like to interview in another manner based on your available technology, email staffquestions@avid4.com for an alternative option. We can be flexible to meet your needs!

We have a quick hiring season and continue to hire on a rolling basis. Each step of our process is crucial. We want to empower candidates to thoroughly complete their application, have some fun during their one-way SparkHire videos, and be prepared to talk through specifics if/when the “live” interview is scheduled.

  • STEP 1: SPARK HIRE ONE-WAY INTERVIEW - If your application is moved forward, you’ll be able to answer a set of questions. This is done in the comfort of your own space and on your own time - just you! Yeah, it may be awkward to answer questions by yourself, we understand. Let your personality shine and have fun! Pro Tip: Complete your videos in a well-lit, quiet environment.
  • STEP 2: THE LIVE INTERVIEW - We already get to know you through your SparkHire video submission, so think of the live interview as your chance to get to know Avid4 and the available open positions! Interviews are about 20 minutes. We’ll ask you some brief follow-up questions followed by answering your questions about us.
  • STEP 3: EMPLOYMENT OFFER - It may seem a bit early to talk about offers, right? Maybe, but it’s because we strive for as much transparency as possible! Our goal is simple: to provide a summer adventure to as many staff as possible. In that, we want to make sure we respect your desire to have an awesome summer, whatever that may mean to you. With that in mind, we’ll try to offer you a position if possible, even if it is not the position you applied for. This could potentially happen as early as the live interview. Wow!

Overnight Camp Programming (resident camp and expeditions) - housing and meals are provided. 
Day Camp Programming? No, but we would love to help you out. Check out these Avid4 Housing Resources.

Our pay values your expertise and we are proud to provide a living wage in all regions we run camp programs. Check it out here!