Waldo Face Recognition - Photo Privacy and Security

Waldo's facial recognition service is entirely opt-in and otherwise functions as a more secure photo gallery host.

Waldo was founded by a camper dad who was looking for a better solution for fellow parents, instead of the frantic scrolling for hours a day to find proof of fun. The use of facial recognition is optional and opt-in.

Waldo Photos hosts password-protected photo galleries, that uses industry-standard encryption on data for our cloud storage. all of which are stored in the United States. There is no information collected for any camper unless a parent or legal guardian specifically opt into the program. Waldo is only hosting the photos; the only way to connect specific information from a specific camper is for a parent or legal guardian to provide that information by initiating the interaction in the way of supplying a name and reference image that can only be tied to a specific album. If this does not happen, then there is no data or information for any person, only .jpg images that are housed in a password protected gallery.

What if I no longer want to participate in the facial recognition service?

If a parent who subscribes decides to opt-out, we will remove the account from our platform, and no further matching would be possible.