What is the difference between Expedition and Resident Camps?

Our Expedition Camps stand apart from our Resident Camps on three main factors – size, location, and responsibility. At Resident Camp we enjoy beautiful locations in the Front Range where campers enjoy the comforts of well-maintained facilities, professionally-prepared meals, and a wide range of experiences and traditions with dozens of different activity groups. Our Expeditions move away from these regular comforts to provide campers with an opportunity to dig deeper into their respective activity in a small close-knit group where focused skill and community development thrive. These authentic backcountry experiences are set in some of the most beautiful locations in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Wyoming. Expeditions offer more independence, responsibility, and a close-knit experience where campers form close bonds with each other and their instructors that are priceless.

Beginners and kids that love varied activities would thrive in our Multi-Sport Expeditions; while those that have a passion in a single sport like biking, climbing, or backpacking- would progress their skills and have an incredible time in our Single-Sport Expeditions.

Expeditions are built on a one-week schedule so campers can enjoy multiple expeditions, a Resident Camp session, or simply to fit into the busy summer schedules of every family.