What is your policy on lice?

Avid4 Adventure’s No Lice/No Nits Policy

There are a lot of misconceptions about head lice.  Lice is a very common problem and not one that occurs from being “dirty.”  They cannot live without a human host, which is why we take precautions at camp and screen campers upon arrival. 

During the initial orientation of campers on the first day, a lice screening occurs with the camp nurse and clinic staff to determine if lice, nits, or eggs are present on a camper.

If any positive cases of lice are found, we will treat the camper onsite. The camper’s parent will be billed $75 for this service if treatment is required. We will begin treatment immediately so that campers can stay in their cabins on the first night. We will also put all of that camper’s clothing and bedding in a hot dryer for 30 minutes.  All of these efforts are to ensure a stress-free summer that is not interrupted by lice treatments.

Prevention Before Camp

You can purchase lice prevention shampoo before camp begins. This is completely optional and not required, but we encourage families to take preventative measures before coming to camp. We especially encourage campers who are traveling campers who are traveling by bus or plane to purchase and use the preventative products.

Additionally, you can put all of your camper’s clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, etc. in a high-heat dryer for 30 minutes prior to packing them up for camp. As long as these items don’t come into contact with anyone or anything else between the dryer and duffel  bag/backpack, this may kill lice or nits that might be on their belongings that you aren’t aware of.

If your camper had head lice or was exposed to it (family member, friend, etc) within four weeks of their arrival to camp, please notify us. We are committed to doing all we can to keep lice out of our community.