Why change to 2-week camps?

Read the reasons behind a change for some camps to 2-weeks and financial assistance options

In 2021, we made the choice to pivot our Explorer, Adventure, and all Resident Camp offerings to two weeks for two main reasons:

  1. Improved Covid-19 precautions
  2. Two weeks of these camps will provide a better, more empowering experience for kids. Groups will stay in their assigned cohorts, with the same staff, for the entirety of the two weeks. Why is this a better camp experience? Your child will have the chance to try their hand at activities more than once - therefore being able to build on their skills and gaining more confidence. We also believe that a two-week camp provides your child with more social/emotional growth and a better opportunity to deepen friendships.

Two other questions that you may have:

Why aren't your single-sport camps also 2-weeks?
For single-sport camps, we want to provide campers multiple opportunities at the same sport. Single-sport campers get that innately. Also, we know that even in our single-sport camps, the activities are often very new to our campers. Some campers may realize during their week that climbing, paddling, biking, or survival skills are not something that they want to focus on right now - we felt like a 1-week "intensive" camp was best.

Are you concerned that moving to 2-week camps will make it too expensive for families?
We know that Avid4 is a premium camp at a premium price.  And, we are also committed to increasing access to our camps and the outdoors to less privileged and marginalized families.  Our goal each year is to provide financial support to 100% of families who apply to our sliding scale financial assistance program.  We have met that goal for the last several years.  Regardless if a family needs a full scholarship or if moving to a 2-week model puts Avid just out of reach for a family, we encourage families to apply for some level of aid if the price of camp is a barrier.