How do I use the credit on my account?

Check here to make sure that when you're registering for a new program, the credit on your account gets applied first!

To use the credit on your account, you'll go through the registration process as normal. However, when you get to the final payment screen, there will be a small checkbox you can select. This will apply the credit from your account first.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the amount of credit you have on your account until you get to the final payment screen, this is a limitation of the registration system we are asking Active to remedy.

One item to make sure of is that you are registering using the same account that the credit is on. You can check this by logging into your account here: Parent Portal

*The email address associated with the account is typically the one you received the confirmation email at.

When you login, you will see a $0 balance, this simply means you don't owe us anything.