How physically fit does my camper need to be?

Our Resident Overnight Camps provide an active environment—mountain biking, boating, hiking and rock climbing are central to all of our programs, and take place at high altitudes. It’s important that campers have some level of fitness, but more importantly, that they have a good attitude and are ready to have fun! All programs are designed to ease campers into the camp setting and become more challenging as they build skills and confidence. If our staff assesses that a camper’s positive experience or safety is at risk because he/she is not physically able to perform a specific sport or if a camper’s behavior is detrimental to the group, we will re-group that camper with a group at an appropriate level for that specific sport or activity to keep the fun going.

If you have any concerns on this ahead of the season, we would encourage you to reach out to your Camp Director to talk it through.