Parent and Camper Communication

On Expeditions, we are not in areas with WiFi, therefore email letter delivery will not be possible.  Fortunately, your child will spend the week disconnected from technology and fully present to make new friends, be inspired by our staff, learn a lot of new skills, and develop confidence while thriving in a beautiful, natural setting.  Of course, our Boulder-based leadership team will still be in regular communication with our field staff. If any needs arise regarding your child, you will hear from our leadership team.


Part of the Expedition experience is to live unplugged for a period of time, so you should not expect phone calls from your child. News of friends speaking to their parents on the telephone can cause problems with other campers and make their adjustment to camp life more difficult. You are welcome to discuss your child’s progress with our Leadership Team, who will return all incoming calls and emails promptly.


Our #1 priority is the safety and welfare of your child, and they will always have our full attention. Should you have any concerns in this regard, please feel free to call or email our Leadership Team and they will be happy to discuss your child’s progress. To help your child successfully transition to being away from home, please do not give them the option of returning home at any time prior to the end of the session. Children who have this in mind mentally prepare for an abbreviated stay and never allow themselves the chance to have fun. There is no proration or refund option under these circumstances. We will let you know if your child is having a more difficult time adjusting than the typical camper.


Our Expedition Director and Assistant Director are based in Boulder, but they also make frequent visits out to the trips to ensure the quality of the experiences.  Therefore, each week, they will send out updates on your child’s trip. Also, the instructors will take photos during the trip, and the Director will upload those photos within 48 hours of the end of the trip so that you can get some amazing glimpses into your child’s experience.